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  1. Adding sound to an Advanced alert

  2. Additional audio variables

  3. Alert Service Closure

  4. Announcements

  5. Basic Gamewisp Setup

  6. Blank Cheer Leaderboard

  7. Broadcasting Software

  8. Connections

  9. Display Time for Alerts

  10. Do i have to have the Muxy Ticker running for the Spotify Overlay Extension integration to work?

  11. Do I need the Live Feed open for my Alerts to function?

  12. Does Muxy take a cut of donations received?

  13. Editing HTML and CSS for alerts

  14. Failed to get data from external server

  15. Gameshow Alerts

  16. Host Alerts & Behaviors

  17. How can I troubleshoot or fix Pretzel?

  18. How do I find Extensions?

  19. How do I get my donators list to be vertical instead of a list with commas between names?

  20. How do I get the URL for the Click Map and Confetti visualization?

  21. How do I get to an Extension Config page?

  22. How do I install a Muxy Extension on Twitch?

  23. How do I only enable certain Muxy Overlay apps?

  24. How do I only enable certain tabs for viewers to see on a Muxy Leaderboard?

  25. How do I open the Live Feed?

  26. How do I set up a resub alert?

  27. How do I set up the Lupinball app?

  28. How do I set up the Pretzel app?

  29. How do I start a Poll?

  30. How do I troubleshoot the Spotify Overlay app?

  31. How do I turn off the Lupinball app when I am not playing that game?

  32. How does Confetti work?

  33. How does the cheer cup scaling work?

  34. How does the Click Map work?

  35. How does the Feels Meter work?

  36. How does the Globe work?

  37. How does the Lupinball app work?

  38. How does the Spotify Overlay app work?

  39. How many people work on Muxy?

  40. Microsoft Edge and Extensions

  41. Muxy Leaderboard Extension

  42. Muxy Overlay Extension

  43. Pre-Flight

  44. Preferred Audio File Formats

  45. Setting up a tip/donation goal

  46. Setting up Muxy announcements and alerts in your Discord server

  47. Supported Tip Currencies

  48. Supported Tip/Donation Currencies

  49. Testing alerts in OBS

  50. Testing the Cheer Cup in OBS Studio

  51. Tutorials

  52. Twitch Namechange

  53. What are Extensions?

  54. What does the Leaderboard Hidden Name do?

  55. What is display condition ‘Default’?

  56. What is Lupinball?

  57. What is Muxy? And what can it do for me?

  58. What is Pretzel?

  59. What is the purpose of the Live Feed?

  60. What kinds of variables are available in Muxy Alerts?

  61. What will happen if two users on the Leaderboard have the same value?

  62. Where are the analytics?

  63. Where is Muxy based?

  64. Why aren’t my Alerts working?

  65. Why doesn't my sound work?

  66. Why won't my profanity filter settings change?

  67. Xbox or PS4 Streaming

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