What kinds of variables are available in Muxy Alerts?

The variable substitution list is currently:

  • amount (Number: optional Numeric value e.g. donation amounts, subscription lengths, bit spend amount or host viewer count)
  • audio (String: url of an audio file to play)
  • image (String: url of an image file to display)
  • message (String: default type-specific message e.g. "is now following you!", "donated $9.25 to you!")
  • name (String: Twitch display name of the user initiating the action)
  • tts_user_message (String: the initiator's optional message, converted to a Text-To-Speech friendly format)
  • user_message (String: the raw string message from the initiator e.g. a donation message)
  • video (String: url of a webm video file to play, currently this just duplicates the {image} field variable, but that will probably change)
  • bit_image: (String: an HTML string used to render cheer images e.g. "<div class='gem loop gem-100'></div>")

The variables available to the alerts are dependent on the type of alert being rendered.
Unused fields are still available and will render as an empty string, with the exception of bit_image, which is only available to cheer alerts.

We currently only replace variables in the HTML, not in the CSS.
You can, however, add a <style> tag to the HTML field which will have the variables replaced and get inserted inline.

keywords: advanced mode, variables, alerts, HTML

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