Muxy offers integrations with several other online services. Here, you can find a list of which ones and details on the exact functionality of our integration. 

Streamtip - We now offer full Streamtip integration. That means there is no need to use Muxy's built-in tip system if you're already a Streamtip user. You can also import your tip history into Muxy's system, allowing your historical Streamtip tips to appear in Muxy. Click connect and auth with Streamtip to integrate, and hit the "Import Donations" button afterwards to import historical tips.

Nightbot - Our Nightbot integration allows Nightbot to announce your tips in your Twitch chat. Connect Muxy with Nightbot from the Connections page.

Patreon - Our Patreon integration allows you to get Muxy stream alerts for your Patreon pledges. Similar to the Streamtip integration, simply auth with Patreon through our Connections page. 

Gamewisp - Our integration with Gamewisp allows you to receive Muxy alerts for your Gamewisp subs. Click connect and auth with Gamewisp to complete integration. 

Discord - Adding Muxy to your Discord channel allows us to post real-time events and statistics to your Discord chat. You can specify which channel to join and which events to send after authenticating.

Streamlabs - 
Authenticating with Streamlabs allows you to import past Streamlabs donations into your Muxy donation history. You can import your Streamlabs donations at any time without worrying about duplicates. Simply authenticate into Streamlabs through our connections page.

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