Announcements, like alerts, are combinations of on stream graphics displayed in reaction to a predetermined condition. Unlike alerts, however, announcements are persistent elements of your stream.  

Multiple announcements within the same announcement package will be displayed in a carousel fashion from a single announcement package URL. Announcements within an announcement package are played in order. Drag and drop to re-order them. If there is only one announcement in a package, that announcement will always be shown.

The standard types of announcements we offer are as follows:

Announcement - This allows you to add a static media element to your stream. This could be an image, a text graphic, a gif, or even a WebM. Announcements are typically used to display sponsor logos, social media information, or anything else you’d like to share with your viewers.

Spacer - A spacer is a blank announcement. Use spacers to add gaps of time between other announcements in your announcement package.

Donation progress bar - This allows you to add an element to your stream that tracks donations up to a donation goal. This can be done with a standard progress bar, but we also allow you to use an image as your progress bar. In that instance, the image slowly loads in as the bar fills.

As with alerts, you can change the size of the announcement preview window to adjust the size of your package window. Don’t forget to enter the new dimensions in your broadcasting software!

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