Setting up a tip/donation goal

The first step is to set the amount you want for your tip goal. To do this, head to the Tip Settings page ( and enter your desired value in the field labeled "Your Current Tip Goal". Then set your desired start date/time in the field labeled "Your Tip Goal Start Date". Once these are set, scroll to the bottom of the page and save your new settings by clicking on the "Save Settings" button.

From this point there are two ways you can display the goal in OBS: use a text field in OBS that will read something like $123.44/$500.00, or use the Tip Goal Bar announcement type.

If you want to do a text tip goal, download and install Muxy Ticker ( and add the "donation_goal" file as a text source in your broadcasting software. You can format donation_goal.txt from Muxy Ticker.

If you'd like to use a tip goal bar, start at the Announcements page ( From here select the Create New Announcement Package button. This will create a tip bar announcement and open the editor. Here you can make changes to your donation bar announcement if you like. Press the Open Preview Window button to preview and re-size your donation bar. Copy and paste the Announcement Package URL containing your tip goal bar into your broadcasting software as a Browser Source.
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