How do I set up the Lupinball app?

Once you have the Lupinball game installed, here's how to set up the Lupinball app:
  1. Launch Lupinball
  2. Go to the Options menu
  3. Select the Twitch option and press Enter
  4. Select Muxy Overlay and press Enter
  5. A dialog containing a 4 character PIN will appear.
  6. Enter the PIN into the Lupinball Overlay app config from the Extension Manager on the Twitch Dashboard
  7. Go back to the Lupinball game after the PIN has been entered in the Lupinball app config and hit Enter.

Once this has been done and you're in a game of Lupinball, game stats can be displayed in an overlay by clicking on the Lupinball icon on the Muxy Overlay toolbar on the Twitch player.

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