How does Confetti work?

Viewers can impact the stream direction by spawning confetti and eventually other fun particle effects that will be aggregated and then rendered in a provided visualization URL as a browser source. You visualization URL is found in the Overlay section of the Extensions Manager on the Twitch Dashboard. the URL supports both Confetti and click Map visualizations.

Viewers can send confetti whenever they want and as frequently as they want. As a viewer sending confetti this will only display over the player for the sender, this is not rendered in the visualization URL.  A confetti explosion will be rendered to the visualization URL once a certain amount of confetti has been saved up and the process starts all over. Explosions should be limited to once per minute. As a broadcaster you can simply hide the browser source containing the visualization URL to hide confetti / click map if you want to disable it. 

keywords: extensions, overlay, confetti, visualization, URL

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