Muxy Leaderboard Extension

The Leaderboard displays an interactive Cheer leaderboard that dynamically updates lists of your top 6 all-time, monthly, weekly, and session cheerers.

Clicking on a tab will display that tab. Clicking on a user profile image will display a card that contains the username, the profile image, and the cheer value for the selected tab.  Clicking again will hide the card and return the viewer to the default board view.

The Leaderboard can be moderated from the Twitch Dashboard where the broadcaster can choose to show/hide the names of individual cheerers. Names hidden by the broadcaster will appear as "Anonymous" by default. The broadcaster can change the "hidden name" in the Leaderboard configuration page.

The Muxy Leaderboard is more accurate if you have a Muxy account. Create a Muxy account here:

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