Muxy Overlay Extension

The Muxy Overlay Extension displays multiple apps that can be accessed via a toolbar that allows viewers to interact with a stream.

When their mouse is over the Twitch player, viewers will see a small toolbar on the player that controls the various interactive apps. Viewers can re-position the on-screen overlay elements, interact with them and toggle them on and off at their discretion.

The current apps in the Overlay Extension are:
  • Click Map - Generate a heatmap that displays where viewers are clicking on your stream. Use it to make decisions, find points of interest, and more.
  • Confetti - Let your viewers send individual pieces of colored "confetti" to your visualization URL.  Once enough confetti has been contributed, a flurry of confetti will fall down over you stream.
  • Feels Meter - Get real-time feedback from your viewers! Ask them for instant reactions or quick yes/no questions to quickly get the temperature of your audience.
  • Globe - Find out where people are watching as viewers check in  with their location.
  • Lupinball Companion App - Link the game Lupinball to this app to let your viewers see instant stats and vote for their favorite player.
  • Polls - Poll your audience and have them make decisions. Polls can be created from the Twitch Dashboard.
  • Pretzel Rocks - Now Playing - Displays track info for the currently playing song on Pretzel Player.
  • Spotify -  Displays track info for the currently playing song on Spotify.
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