Failed to get data from external server

About every 30 minutes Twitch will refresh your authentication token.  We will display an error message in our panel Extensions if we see that there is not a valid auth token as this may cause issues with our Extensions. Refreshing your page should force Twitch to attempt to retrieve a valid authentication token.

If you consistently see an error message that states "Failed to get data from external server" this can occur when your computer thinks that the tokens that Twitch is sending are already expired. This can happen when your computers system clock has been set an hour ahead of your currently selected time zone. If the system clock is an hour ahead then the 30 minute authentication tokens that Twitch sends will always be expired.

In several states that have multiple time zones viewers will select a nearby time zone based on the location and then will manually adjust their clock to the correct time. This is not the right way to set the system clock, you need to select the correct time zone. Once the correct time zone has been selected, refresh the channel page and the error should be gone.

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