How does the Spotify Overlay app work?

The Spotify Overlay app will display the name of your currently playing song in an overlay window when the display is toggled on from the Muxy Overlay toolbar. A Spotify account and either form of their music player (web or desktop) will be needed to use the Spotify Overlay app. The Muxy Ticker is also required to make the Spotify Overlay app work. To set up the Spotify Overlay app:
  1. Download the Muxy Ticker from here:
  2. Install and run the Muxy Ticker.
  3. Sign in to the Muxy Ticker
  4. Go to the Integration tab of the Ticker and activate the Spotify integration.
  5. Sign in to the same Spotify account that you will be playing music from.
  6. Go to your Extensions Manager and install and activate the Muxy Overlay Extension.
  7. Configure the Overlay Extension and enable the Spotify app.
  8. Now start playing music on Spotify.
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