What are Extensions?

Extensions are interactive overlays and panels, developed by 3rd parties, which put you at the heart of the next evolution in live streaming. With Extensions, the Twitch community can interact in ways that were never thought possible - from heat maps to real-time game data overlays to leaderboards, you now have the power to truly impact the streaming experience - whether you’re a streamer or viewer.

Broadcaster Experience: Broadcasters installing Extensions provide their viewers with interactive elements displayed over the Twitch player and interactive panels displayed below the player. Extensions settings can be configured with custom settings from the Extension Manager accessed via the Twitch Dashboard.

Viewer Experience:  Viewers can interact with Extensions that appear over the Twitch player via mouse clicks and text entry fields. Panel Extensions will work much in the same fashion but of course they will be located in panels below the Twitch player.

In order for your Muxy Twitch Extensions to fully work properly, you must log into Muxy with your Twitch account.  The Leaderboard Panel Extension, Overlay Click Map app, and Overlay Confetti app require a Muxy account. Create one easily here: http://muxy.io/.

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