The Muxy Pre-Flight is intended to serve as a pre-stream checklist to make sure that you are ready to go live.

  • The tip link section will check your Twitch panels for tip links and display which ones it finds ensuring that viewers of your panels have a valid link to click when attempting to tip.
  • The sending alerts section will check to see if your alerts are ready to go.  If your alert package URL is placed in a web browser or a browser source we should be able to detect that connection and display the names of the alert packages that we can see. If you click on the listed alert packages in the pre-flight list you can then see and run alert tests (for the default display condition) for each of the alerts in the alert package. If your alert package URL is in a browser or browser source and the pre-flight does not find it then you may need to try replacing the “http” portion of the alert package URL with “https” in your browser source as some users setups need the ssl version of the alert package URL. Bebo for example requires https.) 
  • The ticker section performs a check to see if you are running the ticker and if it's up to date.If you need to update the ticker you simply need to let the ticker auto-download the new version and then re-start the ticker. Ticker is only needed if you want to use text stream labels in your broadcasting software, you can stream without it.

keywords: connected, dashboard, ticker. alerts, tip, test, bebo

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