Setting up Muxy announcements and alerts in your Discord server

  1. First make sure that you are logged in to the Discord account that you want to use for the announcements. Open the Discord app and go to the User Settings page. Once you're on the User settings page click on the Connections button. Here you can see which Twitch account you've have associated with your Discord account.
  2. Once you've verified all of that is looking correct go to the Muxy Connections page and click the Connect button on the Discord widget. You'll then see a prompt to authorize Discord, click that.
  3. If you then look at the Discord widget on the Muxy Connections page you should see 2 new buttons, Add Server and Disconnect.  Click on the Add Server button, this will show a list of the Discord servers that are associated with your Discord account  (You must have Manager or Owner level permissions on a server for it to show up in your list.) , select the server you want to use and then click the Authorize button. 
  4. After you've authorized a server a new button that looks like a gear appear on your Discord widget on the Muxy Connections page.  This will open a list of all the rooms on your selected server and checkboxes you can click to enable announcements and alerts in those channels.  Once you've selected which alerts/announcements that you want in which rooms, click the Save button and then click the Done button.

That's the entire setup, once you've done that you should see stream announcements and alerts on Discord.

keywords: discord, integration, server

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